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The Rise of the Sun 

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Your brain says, 'Just five more minutes'. As your eyes begin to peel open. Sometimes snapping shut, As the light dazzles them. Once dressed, You head out. The cold air caresses your face, As your breath dances in the wind.

Photo by Cecilia Volpi

The leaves float in the golden light,

As the trees sway.

The birds sing sweetly as they wake,

The Highland cows glisten in the distance.

You stand still,

Breathing heavy.

Feeling the cold move,

Slowly from your hand to toes.

As the rising light jumps onto your face

As the light flourishes,

The leaves tango.

As the trees shimmy,

The birds serenade,

And the Highland cows harmonise.

- Words by Kirsty Taylor, Photography by Kirsty Taylor and Cecilia Volpi.

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