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Solo Traveller

The Solo Traveller

Your body jerks as you heave yourself out of bed.

The clock reads 5am.

Your phone vibrates,

It’s here.

The countdown is over.

A few long hours,

And caffeinated up,

You arrive,

The sun dances on your skin.

Unpack, freshen up,

Then hit the streets.

You wander aimlessly,

And endlessly.

Eating, sleeping, drinking and waking,

Whenever your body clock requires.

The schedule has been stripped,

Your busy days gone.

You set the rules,

You make the decisions.

Want to people watch with a glass of wine,

Why not?

Want to wander and look at the buildings,

Why not?

Want to sleep in, Why not?

It’s your trip,

Your story,

Your travels.

The only person you have to depend on is you.

- By Kirsty Taylor

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