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Recharge, Reset, Rediscover

On a quiet afternoon,

Sitting reading a book in the sun.

You would never know anything was different.

Then it all hits you again,

All over again.

Graduations are gone,

Jobs have been lost.

Schools closed,

Shops emptied.

Heads confused,

And hearts hurt.

When reading your book,

You stop

And pause.

The sun still comes out,

The tea still brews.

The birds still sing,

The plants still grow.

You learn to lean in,

You lean in to the perfect cup of home coffee.

You lean in to finding the right words for the page.

You lean into spending a little longer in bed.

You learn to love the little things

Cooking, reading, sleeping and breathing.

Recharge, Reset and Rediscover.

Words and photography by Kirsty Taylor

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