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My Gift To You

The world is going through a whirlwind of a time at the moment, and in all honesty I feel like a bit of a spare part rather often. So, I have a lot of pent up creative energy and many people are searching for positivity. Bing! A lightbulb turned on and an idea popped into my mind. I would like to create a poem or short story for you completely for free about anything you wish. This can be a gift for a loved one, whether it be a friend or a family member or a gift for yourself because why not?

Here's what you need to tell me:

1. What you want it to be about

2. Who it's addressed to

3. Whether or not you want their name included in the work

4. If there is anything you want worked in such as an inside joke etc

I will then send the work to you digitally, via whichever avenue you prefer and perhaps in the future I can post them out. Above is an example of a poem I wrote for my mum about a cup of tea.

To order one, just contact me from the contact page on this website! Here's to putting a smile on your face and hopefully many others.

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

- Kirsty xx

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