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Updated: Mar 22, 2020

You hear the thud.

Put on your dressing gown, rub your eyes.

And wearily approach the door, wondering what it could be.

Another bill, another promotion in a cunning disguise?

But there it is, dressed elegantly in plain white,

With the stamp placed perfectly on the right.

You see the swirls in the handwriting,

The way they flick the k’s and how they curl their c’s.

You try to guess who sent this wonderful surprise

You pick it up with care and, for an instant, freeze

Then you abandon all restraint, and rip it apart

Desperate to read what’s at its heart.

It takes thought and love to write.

In a world full of texts, facetimes and calls.

A letter hits the spot just right.

A short story, addressed to you

And only you

A little piece of history lies in your hand

Keep these letters

Store them safely away

For they will fill your heart with joy

When you re-read them on a melancholy day

Next time you are at a loss for something to do

I beg of you, put down that phone

Take out a pen and write a letter or two.

- Words and Photography by Kirsty Taylor

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