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It's Time 

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Lined side by side,

From A to Z.

Perfectly placed,

Intricately laced.

Awaiting their turn,

Hoping not to burn.

The brush of a finger along your spine.

Could this be it?

Is it your turn.

Your skin crinkles,

And then wrinkles.

As you learn that it's not to be this time.

As time goes by,

You grow older,

And look wiser.

The wrinkles have appeared,

And your spine starts to ache.

New spines,

Join you in line.

You all wait,

With bait.

For that fateful day,

So you can no longer lay.

The caress of a palm,

Oh damn.

This is it,

It's time.


- Words and photography by Kirsty Taylor

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