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My arms ache,

As my heart breaks.

As I stand two meters from you.

In our whole lives we have never met,

Without a warm embrace.

How long to feel your warmth,

And have my heart beat against yours.

My own arms wrap around me,

In the hope that I will feel even just a fragment of that affection.

My arms lay limp,

And are cold as they touch.

I let my two ring fingers of my right hand touch,

In the hope that maybe a reflection will give me that affection.

My eye stare vacantly,

As my finger gets cold and leaves a smudge behind.

I dream of the day for that moment,

That embrace,

That affection.

I just can't wait for that connection.

- Words by Kirsty Taylor

- Photography by Cecilia Volpi and Kirsty Taylor

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