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If It's Right

If it’s right,

You’ll know.

You’ll feel it in your soul.

Your stomach will have butterflies,

Your toes will tingle,

Your heart will glow.

If it’s right,

You’ll make time,

You’ll find time.

They’ll become your pastime.

If it’s right,

I’ll feel whole,

I’ll lose control,

I’ll no longer be a troll.

If it’s right,

I’ll be devoted,

I’ll get promoted,

I’ll never be bloated.

If it’s right,

I’ll be tired,

I’ll be desired,

I’ll be wanted as required.

If it’s right,

Someone please give me a fright.

So, I can stay mine,

And still enjoy a glass of wine.

- Words by Kirsty Taylor

- Photography by Louise Mudie and Hannah Matheson

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