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Fabulous, Fleeting, Forgiving

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

It’s been over a week now,

Image by Natalia Paklikowska

To be exact, it’s been twelve days.

If we are being really honest,

It’s actually been twenty nine days.

But, in reality it’s been so much longer.

You hopped on that plane,

That I had hopped on before.

Neither of us knowing how different it would all end up when you came back off the other side.

We are two birds who emigrate the opposite way from each other.

Image by Sophie Gray

Crossing paths for only a day or two,

Spending the rest of the flight remembering what used to be.

You soar one way, I soar the other

‘Real friends, they never leave you’,

If only that was true,

To have a reason would make it easier

Us humans, we are just like pieces of drift wood floating down a stream

There is no saying if we will cross paths again,

Or only have a few fleeting moments together

As your wrinkles grow,

You realise that life is too fleeting to be mad anymore

Instead, you look at the moments from behind

You mourn the friends lost, the memories missed

You put down the album and let it drift away

Image by Natalia Paklikowska

You have learnt to forgive

Every now in then,

You dream of your paths crossing again,

But then you look around and see what you already have.

Sometimes the thoughts pour in and you wonder,

Will they leave me too?

The thing is in life, you just never know.

- Words by Kirsty Taylor and Photography by Natalia Paklikowska and Sophie Gray

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