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Burnt, Revived, Fallen

A building that survived over two centuries,

Is ablaze in the sky tonight.

A seven-year-old girl stands staring,

Wondering if this is God giving up on us all.

As the calendar pages flick by,

The girl ages.

Not seven, but nine now.

The first branch off of her tree has fallen.

The branch is to be buried,

Next to the ruin where it all went wrong.

If God has given up on her,

Why can’t she give up on him too?

A decade later, the tree grew.

As her mum decides to discover more about those who flew.

At the crown of the tree,

There was a couple who signed, sealed, and delivered their love.

Right here,

At the place forever in her view.

As the years flew by,

The girl gave god another chance.

She discovered that the blaze in the sky,

Was a sign not a warning.

- Words and Photography by Kirsty Taylor

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