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Blank Calendar

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Photography by Magnus Kermack

As you sit to look at your calendar, Something once overflowing, Is now becoming more and more Tauntingly blank. In a place between the end of something And the start of the next thing Stuck in what feels like a hiatus

Photography by Natalia Paklikowska

. Friends loved, and lost You have gone from the avid socialite To not knowing who you are anymore Some people have left you, And it hurt more than you could ever imagine Made you feel like you weren’t enough That you had messed it all up

Photography by Magnus Kermack

Bit by bit, Your calendar starts to fill again This time it fills with things for you You and only you Your calendar, It has more white than before But now the white looks like snow Instead of the ice from before.

- Words by Kirsty Taylor and Photography by Magnus Kermack and Natalia Paklikowska


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