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2021: The Year Where Everything Changed

As the clock strikes 9pm on 31st of Decemeber 2021, I am currently 100 pages short of completing my 2021 reading challenge with just a mere 3 hours to go. Now there is a simple resolution to this, read for the next hour or so and complete the challenge. However, 2021 was not a year of simple resolutions as people flew from all around the world to a climate change conference and the country came in and out of lockdowns like a yo-yo. 2021 began with an anti-climatic night in with my parents and in true groundhog style that is exactly how it is ending. However, one thing has changed throughout the year - me. 2021 was the year where I fell in love with cooring in, gave up on FOMO and chose myself. So inspired by What Katie Did Next's 2021 summary post, please enjoy my summary of 2021.

I began the year studying for my PGDE, and I am ending it two terms into teaching my own p5 class. This was a year full of change in many ways and for me my first 'real job' began. I took a risk to tick the box to go anywhere for my first year in education, moved home, met new people, and earned more than a living wage for the first time ever.

In a year, where travelling far wasn't an option. I still managed to get in my fair share of travelling near. I staycationed to Melrose, Pittulie, Whitebridge, Edinburgh, Brighton and London. Due to the ever changing rules, I managed to live in Perthshire (for old times' sake), Aberdeen and Montrose this year and enjoyed some gorgeous views and creating many cosy corners along the way.

I spent a lot of time reading and existing in scuffies (as my mum likes to call them), but in the rare moments when we could socialise I spent some time with lovely new friends and remenicised with old. This year I also published my first ever book, my podcast turned one, Continue The Voice published 11 issues and surpassed 5,000 reads!

However, all that I have told you so far was of course the highlight reel of 2021. With 525,600 minutes (thanks to Rent I didn't have to google this) in a year there absolutely no probable way that every single one could be filled with joy and positivity. 2021 was also the year I truly experienced imposter syndrome; felt lonelier and more lost than I ever have; started therapy, stopped therapy, restarted therapy and experienced true burnout due to a lack of work - life balance. In true corny fashion, I must end this by saying that I am grateful for the moments that 2021 brought me. However, I am also hopefully that 2022 will bring more adventure (preferably some that involves travelling far) and plenty of cooring in (ideally by choice, not force). Happy Hogmanay to you all and I hope all your 2022 and beyond dreams come true!


P.S - It is now 55 minutes until my reading challenge is over and so far I have read 1 page, 99 to go...

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